Knew Concepts Knewsletter: Issue #4, December 2014

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Knew Concepts fret saw frames have evolved to an amazing and sophisticated design. Light weight, sturdy and strong make the Knew Concepts saws a perfect tool for your craft. Much of the evolution has been an ongoing process with ideas from crafts person such as yourself, and problem solving solutions from our skilled workers here at our shop.

Second Bench Clamp

Miniature Tap Alignment

What’s Knew? Knew Products!

We have been working on quite a few ideas for knew products, including the bench pin and bench clamps (yes plural). The saws are pretty much up and rolling at this point, although there are a couple more that are lurking in the background.

Second Bench Clamp

Why should there be another one? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a movable bench block that can be clamped almost anywhere? The knew bench clamp will have a 2" diameter heat treated steel block embedded into the aluminum clamp body. Parts are in production, just waiting for all of the components to arrive and be assembled. The second bench clamp is not available for sale yet, but should be available by Xmas. When they are available, it will be posted on the website, along with pricing. Please do not ask us about it. You will be informed when we know, and requesting information prior to then will simply slow everything down.

Miniature Tap Alignment

Another use for the bench pin is the ability to use the vertical posts that support the hand piece for tapping miniature threads. I have completed the prototype, but we have to schedule time on the lathe to produce the tools. The miniature tap alignment is not available for sale yet. Anticipated production to occur in the first quarter of the new year.

~ Lee (the saw guy)

Andrew BerryAndrew Berry of

Artist Spotlight: Andrew Berry

This issue’s featured artist is Andrew Berry of, an online jewellery training website.

Andrew graduated with a BA(Hons) degree in 3 Dimensional Design in 1986, and started his own business: Andrew Berry Jewellery, from his parent’s garage in 1987. Over the years of expanding from repairs and wholesale jewellery sales, Andrew took on an apprentice and pursued trade jewellery repairs. He began making his own master patterns and developing a Welsh/Celtic themed jewellery collection. They employed the services of an agent who went round other jeweller’s shops to get orders.

In 2010, Andrew and his team founded At The Bench Jewellery Training Website which now has over 5000 members worldwide, and developed and built several e-commerce websites that still operate today.

Andrew has taught in several schools and goes to Summer Schools to teach students how to start making jewellery. In 2013 At The Bench was awarded the Professional Jeweller Trailblazer award. Andrew regularly helps Sutton Tools and Durston Rolling Mills demonstrate tools at trade fairs both in the UK and abroad.

Andrew has helped us out along the way by giving us great YouTube video reviews of our Fret Saws. He also made an excellent suggestion to us for the new bench clamp. He suggested adding two concentric circles with the division lines for laying out equally spaced features on a ring or a brooch.

~ Lee (the saw guy)

Featured KC Product: Bench ClampBench Clamp

Featured KC Product: Bench PinBench Pin

Featured KC Products:
Bench Clamp and Bench Pin

Bench Clamp for Dovetail Clamping System

The Bench Clamp allows you to mount a standard jeweler’s dovetail plate anywhere you need it. It adjusts to tables from a thin 3/4" plywood card table at a show, all the way up to a 3.7" woodworker’s bench at a workshop. (Or the long side of a 2x4, if you have to.) Now your good gear can go anywhere you need it, and hang on tight, just the way you like it.

Solid Stainless Steel Bench Pin for Piercing

After a long development and testing process, our piercing Bench Pin (or bird’s mouth, for you woodworkers) is finally available.

Made of 3/16" solid stainless steel, it will not bounce or shimmy as you cut, yet is thin enough not to interfere with your stroke. The pin is designed to fit onto a standard dovetail mount, or onto one of our ‘clamp anywhere’ dovetail mounted clamps, so you can take them anywhere you like.

Make Magazine5" Fret Saw Review
in Make Magazine

Featured Article: Knew Concepts 5" Fret Saw Review in Make Magazine

During the Summer, Make Magazine released their digital issue #41 that featured our 5" Fret Saw with Lever Tension and Swivel Blade Clamps.

Read the article here.

Be Featured

Be Featured in a Knewsletter

We love to hear your thoughts about your craft projects while using our saws. Please feel free to write us and tell us what you’re working on. We will pick out one artist for every knewsletter to feature their project that was built with the Knew Concepts saw. We may also use your anecdote as a testimonial on our website.

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