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  • Knew Concepts - Fine Metalsmithing Equipment Designed for Artisans
    Knew Concepts

    Knew Concepts Saw Instruction Videos

    Knew Concepts Clamp Description

    Clamp Troubleshooting and Cleaning

    Secret Wrench Trick for Tightening Clamps

    Knew Concepts Blade Clamp Adjustment

    The Advantages of a Swivel Blade Clamp

    Tension Testing Rig

    Knew Concepts Left Hand Conversion

    Installing and Changing Saw Blades by Mark Nelson of Rio Grande Jewelry Supplies

    Blade Installation and Sawing Demo Video from Charisma of Popnicute Artisan Jewelry

    Tips, Techniques, and How-To Videos

    Dovetail Techniques Knew Concept Fret Saw, by David Barron

    Houndstooth Dovetails, by David Barron

    Hand Cut Dovetails Made Easy, by David Barron

    Spiral Blades for Dovetails, by
    Christopher Schwarz

    Perfect joints with the Knew Concepts Coping Saw, by Andrew Gibson of Infinity Cutting Tools

    Sawing tips with the Knew Concepts Jeweler’s saw by Leslie Villarreal

    How to use Knew Concepts Titanium clips for soldering by Leslie Villarreal

    Helping you Make and Solder Jewelry with the Knew Concepts Titanium Soldering Strips, by Andrew Berry

    Knew Concepts Saw Video Reviews

    Adam Savage Geeks Out Over Woodworking Saws

    Highland Woodworking: Knew Concepts Aluminum Coping Saw and Birdcage Fret Saw Product Tour

    Renaissance Wood Worker: Knew Concepts Fret Saw Review

    Cool Tools: Knew Concepts Fret Saw Review

    Highland Woodworking: Knew Concepts Woodworkers 5" Fret Saw Product Tour

    Half-Inch Shy Blog: Knew Concepts Fret Saw Review

    Billy’s Little Bench Reviews: Knew Concepts Fret Saw

    Andrew Berry of SuttonTools: Knew Concepts Saw Frame Review

    Crimson Custom Guitars: Un-boxing, review, and demo of the Knew Concepts saw

    Andrew Gibson of Infinity Cutting Tools: Knew Concepts Fret Saw

    Anna Clifton of Cooksongold: Knew Concept 3" Saw Frame

    Janet Royle of Cooksongold: Knew Concept Bench Pin and Clamp

    Other Stuff

    Woodworking In America: The Story of the Knew Concepts Saws

    Knew Concepts Precision Die Saw

    Ledward Kaapana - "Mama E" on a Moore Bettah `Ukulele. Inlays created with a Knew Concepts
    Fret Saw.

    Playing with the Knew Concepts Power Saw

    Made in Santa Cruz, CA - USA

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