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Solid Stainless Steel Bench Pin for Piercing

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Solid Stainless Steel Bench Pin for Piercing

Solid Stainless Steel Bench Pin for Piercing ($70.00)

Item #350.100

 This item is included in an Accessory Plate Package Deal.

After a long development and testing process, our piercing bench pin (or bird’s mouth, for you woodworkers) is finally available.

Made of 3/16" solid stainless steel, it will not bounce or shimmy as you cut, yet is thin enough not to interfere with your stroke. The pin is designed to fit onto a standard dovetail mount, or onto one of our ‘clamp anywhere’ dovetail mounted clamps, so you can take them anywhere you like.

Designed from the beginning with the bench jeweler in mind, the pin has a series of extra “goodies” built in.
  • On the front, there is an adjustable delrin ring hook, specifically set up to make cutting rings for sizing a breeze. It can be either right or left handed, and adjusted to any angle you find comfortable.
  • The pin is solid stainless steel, rather than aluminum, so there is no risk of contaminating your sweeps or files with aluminum
  • It comes with a brass guide fence, to give you a reference for angles in 15 degree increments from 0 to 60 degrees. Very handy for trimming ring stock for sizing, or filing against the side of the pin to get angles nailed.
  • Also comes with a set of vertical pins that can be screwed through two of the holes in the plate, to serve as a guide for a #30 handpiece in drilling perfectly perpendicular holes, quickly. It will help hold your flex shaft handpiece square to the face of the pin. What you do with it from there is limited only by your imagination.

  • Download Bench Pin Instructions

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