Knew Concepts - Fine Metalsmithing Equipment Designed for Artisans

What People Are Saying About The Knew Concepts Saws

“The Knew Concept Saw, designed by Lee Marshall, added a new dimension to my work. Now I dream about what is possible with intricate sawing. This tool provides total control and better finish than my hand sawing technique, all along with a most poetic machine sound. I liked it so much after months of usage, I just bought another one for a different location in the studio.”

Daniel (Dan) Brush

Internationally Acclaimed Goldsmith

“To me, the Knew Concepts saw is like having a really good expensive hammer if you’re doing a lot of carpentry. An amateur would not think that spending well over $100.00 bucks on a hammer makes any sense, but ask a good framing carpenter what his or her arms are worth. It’s about time and comfort, and if you’re saving time (and blades) and you’re more comfortable, you’ll do better work. Well worth it...”

Rick Turner

Luthier and Musician

“I like the Knew Concepts saw frame so much that I have been using it even when I am not making a die. The angle of the handle is comfortable, and the blade-tightening mechanism is much nicer than other frames. I think that this saw frame has potential for appealing to all jewelers. As with many inspirations, this tool is brilliant in its elegant simplicity.”

Cynthia Eid

Cynthia Eid Designs

“Having just received my Knew Concept saw, I can definitely recommend them. My lines are sawn straighter and cleaner with no broken blades. I have lent it to some colleagues to try at a class I attend, and they are all converted and are placing orders! They may cost more initially, but the saving in saw blades, time cleaning up, and less wasted metal more than makes up for this.”

Hilary Sinclair

Contemporary Jewelery Designer

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