Knew Concepts Knewsletter: Issue #16, November 2016

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Titanium Soldering Clamps

Consumer Advice

Advice on Soldering Jewelry with the Titanium Trivet

We would like to share some great advice that we received about soldering jewelry with our popular Knew Concepts Titanium Trivets.

Janet Royal, a brillant jeweler from the United Kingdom passed on her knowledge about how she uses our trivets to to support her domed disc jewelry while soldering them. It makes the job much quicker as she was able to get the heat all around the dome, and the titanium did not create a “heatsink.”

See images and how she does it here...

Andrew Berry

Instructional Video

Helping You Make and Solder Jewelry with Titanium Soldering Clamps

Our friend Andrew Berry, a professional Goldsmith and Bench Jeweller for over 28 years, shares his knowledge to enable you to become a more proficient and profitable jeweller. In this video he shows how to bend and shape the Titanium Clamps, and his technique to solder jewelry.

Check out the video here...

David Baggaley

Featured Artist

Custom Pet Pendants from David Baggaley

David has been working as a Silversmith/Goldsmith since 1991 in Sheffield UK. He uses the Knew Concepts 3 inch Fret Saw with Lever Tension to specialize in saw piercing to make custom sterling silver pendants charms and earrings out of his favorite creative subject... dog breeds.

“I’m trying out the Knew Concept saw today at the work bench. It’s very light and the quick release mechanism is awesome!”

“Well done!”


Design inspiration

Need Inspiration? Check Out These Woodworking Design Ideas.

We have collected some awesome inspirational photos of woodwork designs on our Pintrest page. So, if you’ out of new ideas, take a look at our Pins and Related Pins and get your creative juices flowing and be inspired to create something new with your Knew Concepts saw.

Be Featured

Be Featured in a Knewsletter

We love to hear your thoughts about your craft projects while using our saws. Please feel free to contact us and tell us what you’re working on. We will pick out one artist for future Knewsletter’s and feature their project(s) that was built with the Knew Concepts saw. We may also use your anecdote as a testimonial on our website.

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