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Get Ready for Woodworking in America 2016


Presenting the Knew Concepts Saws

We are presenting at the Woodworking in America 2016 Conference

Our presentation “Know how to Cope?” is about saws that everyone calls Coping Saws (that aren’t?). Easily 80% of the public refers to any saw that takes a replaceable blade a “coping saw”, totally ignoring the real workhorse of the saw family... the Fret Saw. Why it is called a fret saw is anyone’s guess, as it is not used for cutting frets!

We will be giving our presentation at the 2016 Woodworking in America Conference, September 16–18. Our scheduled presentation time is 2:00 P.M. on Saturday, September 17th. Be sure to print out a Entry Coupon and save on your entrance fee.

See the Shop Talk Demo Schedule here...

Brews & Browse

Sponsored by Knew Concepts

We are the official sponsors of the Friday Night Brews & Browse

Friday Night Brews & Browse: 4:00pm to 6:00pm (Full WIA 2016 Conference or Friday-Only Attendees). This event is open exclusively to Conference attendees after the Marketplace closes to the general public. Grab a beer with your shop pals and browse WIA’s Marketplaceā€”it’s a great way to meet woodworking enthusiasts and discover new products.

Measuring System

Saw Blade Tension Measuring System

Bring us your tired, your worn:
your old saws, yearning to be measured.

As part of our continuing quest to understand saws, both ours, and more traditional designs, we have built a system for measuring the tension that a saw can put on a blade. The measuring head clamps into the saw in place of the blade, and directly measures the tension applied by the frame. So if you’ve always wondered just how hard your favorite fret saw can pull, now you can find out directly, in about a minute. We’ll have the measuring system with us at WIA, so please stop by the booth #207, and check it out.

Swivel Blade Clamp

Video Instruction

Blade clamp troubleshooting, cleaning,
and tightening

Every so often we receive e-mails from customers who are having trouble with their blade clamps. We put together these two instructional videos about how to solve these issues:


Blog Article

How to choose a Knew Concepts saw for jewelry making

We located an old blog article published by Rings & Things buried in the dust of the internet and decided shed some light and share it.

If you would like a jeweler’s viewpoint on deciding which Knew Concepts saw is right for you, this blog article will help you decide which size of the saw is preferred, blade tension options, and the preference of the saw with or without the swivel clamp.

Read the blog article here...

Be Featured

Be featured in a Knewsletter

We love to hear your thoughts about your craft projects while using our saws. Please feel free to write us and tell us what you’re working on. We will pick out one artist for a knewsletter to feature their project that was built with the Knew Concepts saw. We may also use your anecdote as a testimonial on our website.

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