Knew Concepts Knewsletter: Issue #13, August 2016

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Popnicute Artisan Jewelry

Video Tutorial

Blade Installation and Sawing Demo Video

This video tutorial from Charisma of Popnicute Artisan Jewelry will show you how to install and tension a saw blade in Knew Concepts Jeweler Saw with Cam Lever, how to saw better, a sawing and piercing demonstration, and a list of the causes of blade breakage.

Check it out...



Hello Lee...

I don’t mean to blow my own whistle, but I have worked with a lot of tools over the years. I mean a LOT.

I have to say that your saw is one of the best tools I have ever used. It is well thought out; well engineered and produced to the highest quality you could expect. I’ve been using the saw now for a couple of days and I am very happy with the results. Set up, tuning and use was simple and intuitive. I’ve been using spiral scroll saw blades because I am restricted as to how far I can move the saw frame in my work. The blades have worked wonderfully.

Kind regards,

Carl Hassler
Northwest Marine Supply

Ti Clamps

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Bend and Shape the Titanium Soldering Clamps?

We frequently receive requests for instruction on how to bend and shape our Titanium Soldering Trivets. We put together an downloadable instruction page on how to bend and shape them so that make your own customized soldering clamps and give you more ideas on how they can be used.

Download the instructions here...

Purchase the Titanium Soldering Clamps here...


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We love to hear your thoughts about your craft projects while using our saws. Please feel free to write us and tell us what you’re working on. We will pick out one artist for every knewsletter to feature their project that was built with the Knew Concepts saw. We may also use your anecdote as a testimonial on our website.

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