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Work Bench Accessories

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Bench Clamp Anvil Version: $85.00

Item #350.110ANVIL

Since the hard aluminum is not hard enough to pound on, we have the Anvil version of the clamp that has a 2" hardened steel disk that you can pound on. Read more information and compare clamps...

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    Bench Clamp Magnet Version: $70.00

    Item #350.100MAG

    The magnet version has a high strength magnet to hold files and burrs where they’re easy to reach, as well as both inch and metric rulers, and a pair of circle dividing guides broken out into divisions of 8 and 6. Read more information and compare clamps...

  • Download Bench Clamp-Magnet Version Instructions
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    Dovetail Accessory Plate: $75.00

    Item #350.200

    The Dovetail Accessory Plate is an aluminum plate that goes in-between your current dovetail and dovetail system tools. It gives you a selection of anchor points for more accessories such as face shields, magnets, LED lights, and more. You can fit your accessories into any of the holes, and they’ll work with your dovetail system parts, such as the line of GRS benchmate tools. The Accessory Plate comes with our first accessory—a high-stength magnet for holding burrs and other small tools. Also comes with a wedge plate and clips.

     This item is included in an Accessory Plate Package Deal.

    Tilting Dovetail Adapter

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    Tilting Dovetail Adapter: $85.00

    Item #350.230

    The Tilting Dovetail Adapter system goes in-between your dovetail tools and the anchor point. It allows you to tilt any dovetail system tool up to 45 degrees to either side so that you can either file more comfortably, or look past the frame of your saw when sawing under a microscope, and for hand cutting blanking dies. Read more information...

  • Download Tilting Dovetail Adapter Instructions
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    Accessory Plate Standoff Block: $20.00

    Item #350.205

    For people who have European style jeweler’s benches with deep half-moon cutouts, this standoff block will move the Accessory Plate an extra 5/8" out from the bench face, so that the clamp holes on the edges can be used, and that the sides of the Accessory Plate will clear your deeply curved bench. Comes with two mounting screws.

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    Dovetail Mounting Plate: $7.95

    Item #350.110

    Standard dovetail mounting plate. Use this versatile plate to add another location for your dovetail mount accessories, or a permanent location for your Precision Sawguide or Bench Pin. Read more information...

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    Bench Pin: $70.00

    Item #325.100

    Made of 3/16" solid stainless steel, it will not bounce or shimmy as you cut, yet is thin enough not to interfere with your stroke. The pin is designed to fit onto a standard dovetail mount, or onto one of our ‘clamp anywhere’ dovetail mounted clamps, so you can take them anywhere you like. Read more information...

  • Download Bench Pin Instructions
  •  This item is included in an Accessory Plate Package Deal.

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    Flex-Mount Face Shield: $45.00

    Item #350.215

    The Flex-Mount Face Shield is a 6" X 8" sheet of polycarbonate on a flexible arm, designed to mount to the Dovetail Accessory Plate. Use it to keep grinding/polishing dust out of your eyes and nose when using a flex shaft or work held in the dovetail system tools, like the GRS Benchmate, or the our Stainless Steel Bench Pin. Adjust the shield to help keep the dust out of your face. Great for environments that require eye protection.

     This item is included in an Accessory Plate Package Deal.

    Mini Clamp

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    Mini Clamp: $40.00

    Item #350.120

    A small, solid aluminum clamp designed to let you fasten our new articulating face shields anywhere you’d like them to go. Now you can have your LED illuminated or magnified face shield anywhere you like, not just right at your bench pin. So if you want them to protect you while you buff, you can do that. Clamped in front of a small lathe for precision work? No problem. Read more information...

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